Can I buy a degree?

Can I buy a fake Cal State Los Angeles University degree?

Can I buy a fake degree?

The time has entered 2022, and the downturn of the global economy has caused companies to start a wave of layoffs. More and more companies choose to lay off employees to survive the crisis. So as ordinary people, how should we face this situation? Should You Buy a Degree to Get a Job? Or a fake college degree to advance?

Different types of companies have different tolerances for academic qualifications. Small companies value employees with college degrees more than large companies.

The more technical the position, the more experienced it will be. Compared with academic qualifications, it is less important, and more important industry background.

In companies with better benefits, general positions such as personnel and secretarial have higher requirements for academic qualifications, and the competition for positions is fierce.

A college degree is especially important when you start your job search. They can play a role in 80% of career planning and largely determine your career ceiling. You lost your job because you didn’t have a degree. So why not buy a college degree online for your job?

Maybe you will ask me why I want to fake a college degree.

As we all know, well-known companies will only go to Harvard University, Oxford University, MIT, and other universities to recruit people, and slightly worse companies will hover between undergraduate and master’s degrees, and so on.

Each company has a standard framework for different positions, such as school type, education background, personality, job matching degree, salary, etc.

Is buying a degree ok?

A friend with a high school diploma once complained to me: “I don’t think I’m inferior, but I can’t find a satisfactory job?”

I asked her why would a company pay $4,000 for a high school diploma if it could hire a bachelor’s degree for $4,000.

My friend said angrily, my ability is no worse than that of undergraduates.

I asked her again, how can the other party see your ability from your resume?

As young people without a university degree, employers can only screen based on rigid indicators such as education, school, and various certificates. In the end, he chose to buy a bachelor’s degree.

Usually, the resumes you submit may be filtered out by them, and you don’t even have the chance to interview. How can you tell others that you are very capable?

So a college degree can determine whether you can pass the first round of screening and get an interview opportunity. So you will also consider Is buying a degree ok?

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