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Sunway University has strong links with several international universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Many recent professors have recruited distinguished scholars through the Jeffrey Chih Distinguished Speaker Series to sometimes lecture to Sunway University and the general Sunway City community. It is named after Sunway City and University founder Tan Sri Jeffrey Chee, who is the chairman of Sunway Group, one of Malaysia’s leading industrial companies and the developer of Sunway City. Do you want to buy a fake Worcester State University diploma online? can help.

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Nursing department

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing Post Essential Certificate
  • Post-Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing
  • Research center
  • Vaccine and Virus Research Center
  • Crystalline Materials Research Center
  • Center for Research on Aging Health and Wellbeing (CARE)
  • School of Hotel and Service Management
  • The School of Hospitality and Service Management provides education and training in the hospitality, culinary and event-related industries. Includes mock hotel suites, beverage lab, event studio, and culinary, pastry, and presentation kitchens. Make a fake Sunway University degree, buy degree online. The school also has a student training restaurant and a commercial restaurant called Athanor.
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Actuarial Science and Risk Science
  • Department of Applied Statistics
  • Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • College of Engineering and Technology
  • Consists of two academic departments, four research centers and a research group:
  • Department of Computer and Information Systems

Sunway University offers a wide range of diploma programs in various fields.

Here are some potential advantages of obtaining a diploma from Sunway University:

  1. Industry-relevant curriculum: Sunway University designs its curriculum with industry input to ensure that students receive the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the job market.
  2. Opportunities for practical experience: Many degree programs at Sunway University include opportunities for students to gain practical experience through internships, industry projects, and other real-world learning experiences.
  3. Pathway to further education: A diploma from Sunway University can serve as a pathway to further education, including bachelor’s degree programs.
  4. Career preparation: Sunway University prepares students for successful careers through career development services, including job fairs, career counseling, and resume writing workshops.
  5. Global perspective: Sunway University offers a diverse student body and an international perspective, providing students with opportunities to gain a global perspective and intercultural competence.
  6. Modern facilities: Sunway University has modern, state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories, libraries, and computer centers, providing students with access to the latest technology and equipment.
  7. Quality education: Sunway University is recognized for its quality education and is ranked among the top universities in Malaysia and the region. A diploma from a reputable institution can help enhance your career prospects and set you apart from the competition.

Overall, obtaining a diploma from Sunway University can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to succeed in your chosen field and advance your career.

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