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As a research university at Harvard, the main purpose of professors is to research and educate graduate students, which leads to some people complaining that professors and undergraduates have too little contact with the computer. Because some courses are not limited, there are many students (Harvard has more than 1000 courses), so of course, courses are divided into groups (sections), mainly contacting graduate teaching assistants. Professors have office hours (open offices) every week, and students can come to communicate, but more popular professors may have to queue.

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One of the more interesting projects at Harvard is the freshman seminars (- seminars). Freshman seminars give freshman undergraduates the opportunity to have intimate contact with famous professors, focusing on a narrow topic in depth. Harvard President Larry Summers personally taught a freshman seminar on “globalization.”

We are sophomores to determine the major. There are not many majors at Harvard, only 40. Harvard does not have vocational majors (such as accounting, law, medicine, business, nursing). The most popular majors at Harvard are economics, biology and literature.

The course distribution is 50% professional courses, 25% general education requirements (courses), and 25% electives (elective courses). Buy Harvard University fake degree, buy Harvard University fake diploma. There are eight types of general education courses:

  • Aesthetic and interpretive understanding
  • Culture and belief
  • Empirical and mathematical reasoning
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Science of Living Systems
  • Science of the Physical Universe Societies of the World
  • United States in the World

As of 2014, Harvard University has about 2,500 faculty members, including a number of Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, Pritzker Prize, Fields Medal winners; the school has the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the National Academy of Engineering There are more than 310 academicians of the National Academy of Medicine (NAE) and the National Academy of Medicine (IOM), among which the academicians of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine rank first in the United States.

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