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University of Reading diploma


Make fake University of Reading diploma, buy University of Reading fake degrees, order University of Reading fake certificates, create University of Reading fake transcript. The University of Reading is located in Reading, the capital of Berkshire in southern England. The University of Reading currently has 3 local campuses and 2 overseas campuses. The main campus is located in an important commercial center and information technology industry gathering place in the south of England, with convenient transportation. It is only 60 kilometers away from London and only 30 minutes from London Paddington Station, so you can travel to and from London in one day.

In 1860 and 1870, respectively, the School of Art, Childs, and students celebrated the establishment of the University of Reading and the School of Science was the original origin of the school. Do fake degrees really work? buy fake degree reddit, mba diploma, fake business degree, buy master’s diploma, fake bachelor’s diploma. in 1892, Christ Church College, Oxford University established Reading College (University College, Reading) And took over the two schools, the first principal was the geographer Sir Halford John Mackinder; in 1901, the school received its first financial grant; in 1904, the school was donated by the Palmer family, and the London Road campus (London Road Campus) was selected. Campus).

In 1926, the school applied for and was officially awarded the Royal Charter for the second time, becoming an independent university, the University of Reading, thanks in large part to the school’s second principal, William Childs, for 23 years. In 1947, the school bought Whiteknights Park and established the school’s main campus, Whiteknights Campus.

Sixty years later, the school was officially merged with the Bulmershe College of Higher Education; in 2008, the school was formally merged with the Henley Management College (Henley Management College) to establish the Henley Business School. How to make fake University of Reading diploma, buy fake University of Reading degrees, order fake University of Reading certificates, create fake University of Reading transcript, fake mba diploma, fake business degree,in 2009, the school’s new structure The establishment is completed, including 4 colleges, namely the College of Science, the College of Life Sciences, the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Henry Business School.

In 2016, the University of Reading Malaysia Campus was officially established. On April 2, 2020, it officially announced the establishment of the International University Climate Alliance with Nanjing University and other universities.

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