Order a fake HTMi Diploma in Hotel Management

How to Order a fake HTMi Higher Diploma in Hotel Management
fake HTMi Higher Diploma in Hotel Management

Can I quickly order a fake bachelor’s degree from HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland? How to purchase a fake HTMi diploma, fake HTMi transcript. Buy a fake hotel management diploma, buy fake degree in Switzerland. HTMi International Hotel and Tourism Management Institute in Switzerland is a hotel management school in Switzerland with excellent faculty and teaching infrastructure. With its excellent educational power, the college continues to send senior hotel management talents to all parts of the world every year. HTMi has always ensured the teaching concept of “Excellent Learning and Excellent Teaching” and worked tirelessly to cultivate students who come to study one after another.

Why apply for a fake HTMi diploma in Switzerland?

HTMi Academy is housed in two traditional-style hotels. Students study, live and train in a hotel environment with complete facilities. This allows them to witness the actual operation process of the hotel, making the teaching more lively and vivid, and students can better apply what they have learned. Every year, students from more than 40 countries around the world study in the college’s hotel management undergraduate and master’s MBA programs. In the past 20 years, the senior hotel management talents trained by the school have spread all over the world in major hotels and entertainment venues. They have become an indispensable management backbone in the entertainment industry.

How to choose a course

The undergraduate bachelor’s degree program takes three years to complete. Awarded a double bachelor’s degree – a bachelor’s degree in international hotel and tourism management from the University of Ulster in the UK and a bachelor’s degree in literature from HTMi College in Switzerland.

buy a fake HTMi certificate in Switzerland
fake HTMi certificate

First Year Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Certificate)
How to get a Diploma in Hospitality Management at HTMi? Main courses: Business English and study skills, tourism, catering, kitchen and restaurant management, contemporary hotel issues research, information technology, leisure tourism finance, leisure tourism project research, German

Year 2 Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Main courses: Leisure and tourism finance, catering management, hotel and resort management, market research, information technology, hotel and tourist attraction management, basics of marketing, basics of human resource management, business English and study skills, organizational studies, leisure tourism project research

Third Year (Part 1) Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management
Main courses: hotel accounting, front office management, target market, restaurant and bar management, positioning marketing, market research, large conference and event management, customer behavior, human resources management, room management theory and practice, consumer behavior, Leisure tourism project research

Third Year (Part 2) Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management (Bsc Degree)
How to quickly obtain a bachelor’s degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management from HTMI? Main courses: Human Resource Management, Hotel Business, Strategic Management, International Tourism Management, Service Marketing, Thesis

Graduate courses

Buy a fake master’s degree from HTMI. Postgraduate courses include one-year (MSc) and two-year (PGD+MSc) courses.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (PGD) is aimed at students who are unable to study directly for a postgraduate degree. This course combines theory with practice and requires students to participate in work practice, laying the foundation for future MSc courses. The MSc degree course lasts 20 weeks, with one year to write the thesis. After passing the degree, the MSc Master’s Degree in Leisure and Entertainment Industry will be awarded by Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.

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