How to become a barista quickly? buy a fake SCA Certificate

 How to become a barista quickly? buy a fake SCA Certificate
fake SCA Certificate

How to become a barista quickly? Is there a shortcut to becoming a barista? How to get a COFFEE SKILL PROGRAM certificate? Buy SCA Certificate quickly and create a SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION certification. Buy fake certificates, buy fake certifications, buy a fake diploma. SCA is a new organization established by the merger of SCAA American Specialty Coffee Association and SCAE European Specialty Coffee Association in January 2017 – SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Specialty Coffee Association.

What is SCA Certificate?

The name of the new SCA education system is CSP (Coffee Skills Program), which is divided into
Basic module:
· Introduction to Coffee (10 points)
Core module:
· Green Coffee
· Sensory Skills sensory tasting
· Roasting coffee roasting
· Brewing Golden Cup Extraction
· Barista Skills

The core modules are divided into three levels
· Foundation Elementary
· Intermediate
· Professional Advanced
Except that the introduction to coffee is only elementary, the other 5 modules are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced

SCA is suitable for the crowd
[Barista skill]

  1. Learn the use of coffee machine grinder and other equipment,
  2. Production of basic Italian coffee and fancy coffee
  3. Milk Techniques and Latte Art
  4. Food health and safety and customer service
  5. basic business practices
  6. Suitable for the crowd: coffee beginners, coffee lovers, baristas

[Gold Cup Extraction Skill]

  1. Understanding the Variety of Coffee Extraction Methods and the Variables Affecting Quality
  2. Learn about the difference between grinding particles and extraction methods
  3. Learn to Draw a Coffee Extraction Chart

Suitable for the crowd:
Coffee novice, coffee lover, barista

[Sensory Tasting Skills]
Through professional sensory and cupping training, learners can have the ability to taste the quality and flavor of coffee, as well as purchase SCA fake certificates and COFFEE SKILLS PROGRAM certification.
Suitable for the crowd: farmers and coffee exporters, coffee importers, coffee roasters, coffee retailers, baristas, coffee lovers

[Green Bean Appreciation Skill]
Learn key concepts about green beans: growing, picking, processing, drying, transporting, storing, and trading Discuss principles of coffee growing, processing, grading, trading, and portfolio management
Suitable for the crowd: coffee farmers, coffee roasters

[Coffee Roasting Skill]
Master the basic operation skills of the roaster, be familiar with the degree of coffee roasting and the basic roasting curve. Basically establish the corresponding relationship between coffee roasting practice and coffee flavor presentation, and obtain the fake SCA certificate and SCA Coffee Skills Program Barista certification as soon as possible. Learn to conduct basic evaluation of coffee roasting results through sensory analysis (cupping test), and master the need for practical coffee roasting. So how to Applying for a fake diploma from the Radboud University Nijmegen?

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