How to apply for the Australian Fitness Academy certificate


Buy a fake Australian Fitness Academy certificate, fake Australian Fitness Academy certification. Buy a fake Fitness Instructor Certificate,  fake Fitness Instructor Certification. The Australian Fitness academy was established in 1993 to provide information on fitness and personal training. It is also a Registered Training Organization offering Australian-recognized qualifications and is authorized to award certificates from Certificate III to Diploma level, meeting strict national standards.


How to apply for the Australian Fitness Academy certificate
fake Australian Fitness Academy certificate



To ensure the highest quality of service, the Australian Fitness Academy only employs instructors who hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of fitness and exercise science. These lecturers are also experienced in the field, ensuring that students are taught by someone who is familiar with the industry.

The process of applying for an Australian Fitness Academy certificate

  1. Cost: AFA online courses cost just over AUD 3,000. When I signed up, I got a discount and was offered some courses (Figure 3). The opponent’s actions will be different at each level. If you are interested, you can contact us for inquiries.
  2. Payment and registration method: First pay the $100 tuition deposit and then need to fill in the continuous payment method (I chose the monthly subscription discount) and the registration form (some personal information and background) to complete the course registration by email.
  3. Teaching methods: both online and offline, offline is more expensive. I have two days and a weekly scheduled time to go to class (9:00 am to 4:00 pm). In order to regain free time, I chose online, especially since online is cheaper hahaha.

Many people forget that if Cer3 is in the middle, you have to go to the gym to learn from a trainer with 2 years of fitness experience, and the time required is 32 hours.
And you have to complete Cer3 to go on to study 4, but if you are on a student visa then it seems you can only study Cer3 and not Cer4. And if you want to have one-on-one private fitness courses in Australia, you must have Cer4 certification.

After earning the Australian Fitness Academy certification, you will be accredited by the Australian Fitness Academy. You can easily pursue a career as a fitness instructor. According to research, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the position of fitness coach has received unprecedented attention. The fitness industry is once again being rediscovered, and you’re about to enter a booming career. Normally, it is difficult to obtain Fitness Instructor Certification, and get a fake degree, because it not only requires abundant theoretical knowledge but also requires high body requirements. There are often many coaches who have successfully shaped their bodies, but because they neglected the study of theoretical knowledge, they finally had to say goodbye to the fitness industry with regret. However, you don’t have to worry about these anymore. Buying a fake fitness instructor certificate will allow you to continue moving toward your dream.

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