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What is the International Student Education Certification?
Answer: The so-called academic certification for international students refers to the China Study Abroad Service Center, according to the application submitted by the returning international students, to identify the legitimacy of foreign (overseas) academic degree certificates or higher education diploma institutions, and to identify foreign (overseas) universities or other higher education institutions. The authenticity of the academic degree certificate or the higher education diploma with the effect of the degree, and the certification advice on the corresponding relationship between the foreign (overseas) academic degree and the Chinese academic degree, which is the foreign (overseas) academic certificate that has passed the certification evaluation. Or higher education diploma issued a written certification, and issued a non-accreditation notice for foreign (overseas) degree certificates or higher education diplomas that have not passed the certification assessment.

How much to buy Chinese Student academic qualifications certificate?

How long does the whole process of international student qualification certification take?
Under normal circumstances, the entire evaluation process of foreign (overseas) academic degree certification takes 20 working days. It should be noted that this time does not include delivery time. The certification working day starts from the day when our center receives complete application materials and passes the preliminary review of the materials, and ends on the day when the certification result is issued (sent) from our center. If the issuing certificate authority does not reply to the verification letter of our center in time, the certification time may need to be extended accordingly.
Due to incomplete certification supporting materials, involving a third country diploma, the issuance of the diploma three years ago, or entrusting another person to sign a certification extension agreement with the Voyage Return Center, the certification completion period will be extended accordingly.
In order to simplify the application process for foreign (overseas) academic degree certification, since 2014, for online purchase of Chinese Student academic qualifications certificate. The certification result will no longer be forwarded (delivered) by the verification agency, but will be mailed to the certification applicant directly by our center by EMS express mail. The certification applicant is specially reminded to fill in the address of the recipient of the mailing note accurately and ensure that it is consistent with the contact address filled in the certification application system. In order to avoid the problem that the certification results cannot be delivered on time.

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